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Traditional metal window restoration services

On site leaded window repairs

Leaded glass windows or Leadlights are made up of separate pieces of glass, traditionally called quarries that are held together with H-section lead and soldered on the joints. Over an extended period of time these joints can weaken, or the cement has maybe broken down and caused loosening or leaks which lead to cracks and even breakages in the leaded lights. That is also not taking account of general wear and tear from usage or accidents.

Whilst leaded light repairs are possible in situ they can look unsightly. This is because the lead has to be folded back so we can remove the broken piece, replace with our standard restoration glass and then the lead folded back over the glass. However this  process does stretch the lead and can create slight rippling so is not ideal. Also the condition of the lead in the leaded light is a major factor in the difficulty and appearance of a repair - for instance if the metal is hard or brittle it can break easily when folded and require additional soldering and attention.

At Tec Glass we are passionate about conservation so view this as a valuable service offering - whether we repair on site or extract the leaded light panel and return to the workshop. Each case is unique but we will advise on the best way to restore the panel back to its original state.

On site timber window repair

Just as important as leaded light repairs are the capability to repair or replace rotten, broken or damaged timber - whether that be a frame, the cill or parts of a traditional box sash window.

The same principle often applies with timber as with lead in that repairs on site are usually fine as long as the damage is not too extensive or serious. Normally we can only gauge this (in the case of timber) from a site visit but certainly pictures are useful in the first instance - just to ascertain an approximation of the amount of work and therefore budget potentially needed.

We are frequently tasked with minor timber repairs in many of our projects, whether that be a new aluminium window installation or steel window restoration - cills being the commonest element to need attention. However whatever the nature of the issue we can usually help, wether it needs on-site, workshop or new supply & install.

If repairs are minor (in all cases) please remember there are extra costs incurred in travel, transport & labour if you are outside of the local area (Thame, Oxfordshire).

stained glass panel in need of repair stained glass panels repair in progress Rotten Timber Window corner section Timber window repaired with 2-part resin

Timber window - resin repair in our workshop