Traditional Windows

Traditional Leaded Lights and Stained Glass

We offer both refurbishment of leaded panels as well as new replacement, using your existing glass or new. The same is true for stained glass, although this is mainly restoration. We can now offer a stained glass design and supply service , perfect for bespoke projects or gifts. We have a very busy workshop and significant experience in this traditional craft. You can find out more on our dedicated leaded lights website here. 

Crittall Window and Metal Window restoration

In most cases regardless of the visual poor state we can restore metal or crittall frame windows back to near new condition. Our service includes removal, temporary glazing and re-installation so there is minimal disruption and peace of mind assured. Normally frames are primed against rust (zinc), wet sprayed to the colour of choice and putty glazed but these are all options.

Heritage handle on 19th century steel frame Crittall window with traditional furniture and leaded lights

On-site Window Repairs

This service is primarily aimed at leaded light or metal window repair and is entirely dependent on the state of the particular window. We can usually assess the scope of work from photographs so it is best to send those with your enquiry.